1. Upload special EPOC SW version to PLC master unit
    File kan be located here:
    "FerroampDrive\Customer support\Troubleshooting\PLC improvments\ehub_P04_app_epoc_ace_nousb_v1_7_2_feat_unified_plc.srec_flash"
    scp ehub_P04_app_epoc_ace_nousb_v1_7_2_feat_unified_plc.srec_flash fe-xl-264:/work/
  2. Log in to PLC master unit and download srec-file
    /apps/epoc/scripts/updateepoc.sh /work/ehub_P04_app_epoc_ace_nousb_v1_7_2_feat_unified_plc.srec_flash
  3. Request current PLC settings
    query_test "debug,5;"
    and read the result in the terminal 
    TRACE:175294:2270: --- DEBUG 5---
    TRACE:175294:2313: PLC PHY Config: Fhigh:86000, Flow:72000, chn:0x1, TXgain:24, Mod:0x0
  4. Remember TXGain and modulation for comparison if PLC performance is better or worse
  5. Set plctxgain to 28
    query_test "setplctxgain,28;"

  6. Set plcmod BPSK-CODED
    query_test 'setplcmodulation,\"BPSK-CODED\";'
  7. Request current PLC settings, verify that Mod: 0x4
    TRACE:1346380:2270: --- DEBUG 5---
    TRACE:1346380:2313: PLC PHY Config: Fhigh:86000, Flow:72000, chn:0x1, TXgain:28, Mod:0x40

To diagnose performance 

SSO statistics (number is SSO index, (SSO index=-1 means all however current version crashes if there are to many SSOs so better to use for loop): 

query_test "ssostat,0;