EnergyHub Wall 7-14kW and EnergyHub Wall 21-28kW must be placed in a weather-protected space free of condensation. When EnergyHub runs at high power, a speed-controlled fan starts which can be perceived as disturbing in living rooms. When placed in basements, attics, garages, storerooms, etc., the sound is not perceived outside the room where EnergyHub is installed.

An EnergyHub Wall 7-14kW generates a heat load up to about 350 W at maximum power, which is why it should be placed where there is a certain air exchange. If the EnergyHub wall is placed in control cabinets or small installation niches, there should be an air exchange with the surroundings of at least 40 l / s. Note that during solar production, the maximum heat load occurs only for a few hours in the middle of the day during the summer, which is why the average heat load to the building over a day is significantly lower. If EnergyHub is placed in large rooms, the ventilation requirements can therefore be reduced.

The corresponding values for EnergyHub Wall 21-28kW are heat load up to 700 W and air exchange with an environment of at least 80 l / s for small spaces.