Battery Recovery process

  1. Recovery of Pylontech batteries can be performed with ESO SW v.0.3.3 and onwards
  2. Ensure that the ESO can communicate with the BMS (no CAN timeout)
    1. If CAN timeout:
      1. Reset battery by using the "Power Relay Switch"

    3. Directly, or withing atleast 10 min after resetting (clearing CAN timeout) - Enable Rescue Charge on the ESO by:

        publish_test 'esoset,{index},\"bmsctrl 3\";'

    4. Put the battery in charging mode:

       Display or single unit: 

           ems_conf_set -mode 1 -pbat [0,2500] -soc [0,100]

    5. Let the batteries charge to 100% before returning to previous settings - can take days.

Om CAN timeout doesn't disappear:

Does the diods on the battery blink red, green etc?

What does the status diod on the Control Module say?

Are the battery cells swollen?

For more details, check the FerroWiki for "Pylontech Battery Recovery"

esoset,{index},"bmsctrl 3";