Step by step guide how to search for SSO's fire error code HEX 8 often.

  1. The units are updated. :grinning: 

  2. Give me an epochtime, then I can look at the logs easily

    1. Epoch Converter 

    2. 1631547059 

  3.  Looking at the logs, there are some errors reported:

    1.  less /var/log/data/pv_log_mgr.log

    2. press /

    3. Paste the epoch time,remove the last two numbers to look for a wider time 16315470

    4. Press enter

  4. Looking around I see the error code:

    1. 1631546736,504.311,3.170,1,27.047,8,760.317,306965279924,PS00990-A03-S20110055

  5. I look for more grep “,8,”  /var/log/data/pv_log_mgr.log

    1. I get a list of all the times it has happened

  6. Time to figure out what error 8 means. Many options here, one I like is:

    1. Device -> Facility → Any facility → Live Data → SSO fault codes 

    2. Turns out code 8 is SSO unbalance. We are close!

  7. Look into your internal knowledge base what error 8 could be

    1. It might not be there, ask R&D via Jira

ALWAYS ask installer to check and measure that they have correct earth connection connected to the SSO's before creating a Jira ticket.