Ferroamp strives to continuously improve the system performance and functionality of the EnergyHub system in order to increase the values and benefits that the system creates for our customers.

Affected products:

All products produced from June 2022 are delivered from Ferroamp with software version 3.1.3:

  • PH00177 EnergyHub 7                        

  • PH00205 EnergyHub 14                      

  • PH00798 EnergyHub XL 21                 

  • PH00030 EnergyHub XL 28                 

  • PH01106 Single EnergyHub XL 21      

  • PH01105 Single EnergyHub XL 28      

  • PH00413 Display 19”                           


The entire EnergyHub system

Electric Vehicle Charging

  • Fixed a bug in the OCPP integration where apparent power was used instead of active power when calculating how much power is available to the EVSE. This was e.g. an issue when a facility owner wanted to charge their EV with only their own solar energy surplus.  

Solar String Optimizers (SSO:s)

Energy Storage Optimizers (ESO:s)

Measurement & communication