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Alert: Additional safety function not enabled on SSO


Additional safety function not enabled on SSO

Our Solar String Optimizers (SSO) are equipped with an additional safety function that quickly disconnects the solar cells so that the current in the DC grid between SSO and EnergyHub is cut  when EnergyHub is shut down. The function can also be activated by a “firefighter switch” which then cuts the current in the DC grid between the switch and the SSO.


We have identified a number of units in our warehouse where the feature is not turned on upon delivery. Ferroamp support will therefore activate the function after the system has been installed and registered. We therefore urge you to be careful to follow our safety regulations when installing and handling the products.


Ferroamp carried out a general update on Friday 14 April to ensure that the function is activated on the systems already installed.  A small number of systems were then not connected and therefore not updated. We will continue to perform updates until the feature is enabled on all systems.  

Questions and answers: 

Which systems are affected? 
This applies to systems that have SSOs with serial numbers 22010001- 23040001


As an installer, how should I handle SSOs where the security feature is not enabled?
As long as you follow the safety instructions in the manual, you can install them as usual. Keep in mind that you always check that the current in the DC grid is cut before starting work.


What about systems with firefighter switches?

The firefighter switch will also not be able to cut the power until the safety function is activated.


When is the security feature activated? 
No later than two weeks after installation. The system must have a functioning connection to the internet for the activation to work. 


How do I know the security feature is enabled?

If any of the following are true, the feature is enabled:

1. The SSO has a different serial number than those mentioned
2. The system has been connected to the internet for more than two weeks
3. If the power to the EnergyHub is cut off with the AC switch, the LED on the SSO stops lighting within 60 seconds


What do I do if I have to work with the system and the power is not cut? 
Stop the EnergyHub with "Stop" in the display before turning it off.  Ensure that the SSO has been disconnected by checking that the LED on the SSO has gone out and by checking the measurement.


Please note that safety precautions must always be followed when working with the Ferroamp system.




Team Ferroamp


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